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How We Developed a Scams Prevention and Victim Support Toolkit with Age UK

Emily Rosenorn-Lanng
Professor Lee-Ann Fenge
Dr Sally Lee
25th July 2018

We are staff from the National Centre for Cross-Disciplinary Social Work (NCCDSW) at Bournemouth University (BU), and we have been working with Age UK to create a learning package that helps older people avoid and cope with financial scams. This is part of our ongoing research on financial abuse from scams, which we have been conducting for the past three years with various partners.

Our Research on Financial Scams

Financial scams are a serious problem that affects millions of people every year, especially older and vulnerable people. Scammers use various methods to trick people into giving away their money or personal information, such as phone calls, emails, letters, or online platforms. Scams can have devastating consequences for the victims, such as financial losses, emotional distress, loss of trust, and social isolation.

Our research aims to investigate the causes and effects of financial scams, and to develop effective ways to prevent and combat them. We work with key partners from across the public, voluntary, financial and law enforcement sectors, such as:

  • The Chartered Trading Standards Institute
  • The National Trading Standards Scams Team
  • Royal Mail
  • The Burdett Trust for Nursing
  • Action Fraud

Together with these agencies, we are committed to raising awareness and understanding of the risks posed by financial scams among professionals and the public.

Our Collaboration with Age UK

Our recent collaboration with Age UK has resulted in the development of a new ‘Scams Prevention and Victim Support Toolkit’, which is currently being trialled at four sites in London. This toolkit is funded by the City Bridge Trust, and aims to support older people who are at a high risk of being scammed or who have been scammed.

The toolkit consists of learning materials, tools, and games that educate older people about the types and signs of scams, and how to protect themselves and others from them. The toolkit also provides guidance on how to report scams and access support services if they have been scammed.

The toolkit is designed to be delivered by staff and volunteers from Age UK branches, who have been trained by us in a two-day ‘Train the Trainers’ workshop in January 2021. The workshop was led by Professor Lee-Ann Fenge and Dr Sally Lee from NCCDSW, who shared their expertise and experience on financial scams.

Our Public Engagement Activities

As part of our research, we also engage with the public in various events and activities to raise awareness and spark discussions about financial scams. For example, we designed some learning tools and games that we used in the Science Tent at Glastonbury Festival last year. These tools and games were very popular and successful in attracting and engaging festival-goers of all ages.

We also used these tools and games at the Bournemouth Air Festival, where we reached out to more people and received positive feedback. We have refined these tools and games to focus specifically on the context of financial scams experienced by older adults, and we have included them in our toolkit with Age UK.

Contact us to find out more about the toolkit and scams and ladders

Meet the author(s)

Emily Rosenorn-Lanng

Emily Rosenorn-Lanng is a researcher and project manager at the National Centre for Cross Disciplinary Social Work (NCCDSW) at Bournemouth University. She has over 19 years of experience in conducting and managing various research projects in health and social care, local government, tourism and heritage sectors. She specialises in quantitative research methods, game-based learning, generative AI, cybersecurity, and accessibility. She is also pursuing a part-time PhD in game-based learning in Cyber Security education. She has published several research papers and reports on topics such as mental capacity, cyber fraud, child mortality, leadership development, and more. She has also participated in the InnovateUK cyberasap program, a pre-accelerator for cyber security start-ups.
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Professor Lee-Ann Fenge

Director of the Centre for Seldom Heard Voices
Lee-Ann is Professor of Social Care in the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences. She is a Registered Social Worker and has always been committed to advancing the professional evidence base of social care practitioners.
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Dr Sally Lee

Programme Lead for the MA and BA Social Work programmes
Sally completed her Post-Doctoral Research in 2016, exploring social work practice, physical disability and sexual well-being. Sally is Programme Lead for the MA and BA Social Work programmes and teaches across both programmes leading the Professional Practice with Adults units and the First Placement unit with the BA students.
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