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Mike Lyne
31st October 2023

Guidance and Resources

The MCA is a legal framework that sets out how to assess capacity and make decisions in the best interests of people aged 16 or over who cannot make decisions themselves. It also enables people to plan ahead for a time when they may lose capacity, by making Advance Decisions to Refuse Treatment or appointing someone to act on their behalf. The MCA aims to empower and protect people who may lack capacity, and to ensure that any decisions made for them respect their rights, dignity and preferences. However, applying the MCA in practice can be difficult, especially when there is uncertainty, disagreement or risk involved. That’s why health and social care professionals need to follow certain principles and processes when using the MCA.

Meet the author(s)

Mike Lyne

Senior Lecturer in mental health social work
Michael Lyne is a senior lecturer in social work and mental health at Bournemouth University. He has a dual qualification and registration in nursing and social work, with 15 years of experience in the NHS and various client groups. He is an expert in mental capacity, adult safeguarding, and advance care planning.
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