NIHR Your Path in Research campaign 

Professor Lee-Ann Fenge
10th February 2023

The National Institute for Health and Care Research provides funded opportunities for social care practitioners to develop research. Lee-Ann Fenge, Professor of Social Care and the Wessex Clinical Research (CRN) lead for social care, recently made a short video about social care research as part of the annual NIHR Your Path in Research campaign. This aims to encourage UK health and care professionals to play an active role in delivering research as part of their careers. 

Lee-Ann reflects on her own career as a researcher, the variety of projects she has been involved with, and the importance of using participatory research co-produced with practitioners and those with lived experience. The aim of the NIHR campaign is to encourage social care organisations and professionals to play an active role in research as a path to delivering better services to the public. NIHR’s YouTube channel: 

An example of the opportunities provided by the NIHR include the NIHR Local Authority Academic Fellowship Programme and Associated Opportunities. This programme of fellowship schemes and short placement awards supports individuals based within local authority settings to develop as social care researchers whilst retaining their existing employment and salary. The training opportunities include three schemes: 

  • LAAF Programme Pre-Doctoral Local Authority Fellowship (PLAF) Scheme 
  • LAAF Programme Doctoral Local Authority Fellowship (DLAF) Scheme 
  • Local Authority Short Placement Award for Research Collaboration (LA SPARC) Scheme 

 Please visit the NIHR details for more details.

Meet the author(s)

Professor Lee-Ann Fenge

Director of the Centre for Seldom Heard Voices
Lee-Ann is Professor of Social Care in the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences. She is a Registered Social Worker and has always been committed to advancing the professional evidence base of social care practitioners.
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