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Our Journey to the Teaching and Learning Conference 2024! A Step Towards Co-Producing the Future of Education

Emily Rosenorn-Lanng
Dr Jane Henriksen Bulmer
22nd January 2024

An Exciting Opportunity for Impact and Collaboration

We are thrilled to share that we will be participating in the Advance HE’s Teaching and Learning Conference 2024. This conference, centred around “Future-Focused Education: Innovation, Inclusion, and Impact,” represents a significant platform in the educational sector. Our acceptance into this event is not just an honour but also a crucial opportunity to co-produce and share our insights with fellow educators and innovators. This gathering is a pivotal space for discussing and shaping the future of education. For more information about the conference, visit here.

Our Session: A Foray into the Future with CyGamBIT

We’re set to present our session, “Engage the Future: CyGamBIT: A Game-Based Learning Workshop on Privacy and Cybersecurity for Young People.” Scheduled on the third day of the conference, 4th July 2024, from 10:50 to 11:50, this interactive workshop will delve into innovative educational methods. It perfectly resonates with the conference’s aim of exploring future-focused educational practices.

The session will be expertly led by Emily Rosenorn-Lanng (PhD Candidate in Game-Based Learning) and Dr. Jane Henriksen-Bulmer (Principal Academic, Faculty of Science & Technology, Computing and Informatics Department), whose expertise in game-based learning is foundational to the workshop’s innovative approach.

CyGamBIT: Pioneering Cybersecurity Education for the Young

CyGamBIT emerges as a ground-breaking platform in cybersecurity education for young learners, designed for students aged 8-16. This platform marries interactive gameplay with rich educational content, transforming the way digital safety is taught. It’s more than an educational tool; it’s an experience that engages young minds in understanding online risks and safe internet practices effectively.

Highlights of CyGamBIT

  • Focused Learning: Specially designed for 8-16-year-olds, addressing critical topics like cyber-bullying, privacy, and AI.
  • Interactive Gameplay: Leverages gaming to make complex cybersecurity concepts accessible.
  • Collaborative Learning: Encourages discussion and peer learning through its multiplayer feature.

Developed by Experts, Recognized for Excellence

Developed collaboratively with input from educators, parents, and students, CyGamBIT is finely tuned to its audience’s needs. It has received funding from HEIF and Innovate UK Cyber ASAP, marking its recognition and impact in the field of EdTech.

A Versatile Educational Resource

CyGamBIT is an adaptable resource, suited not only for individual learners but also for schools, educational centers, and extracurricular programs. Its flexible format and scalable model make it a practical choice for diverse educational settings.

Join the Movement in Cybersecurity Education

As we approach the Teaching and Learning Conference 2024, we extend an invitation to educators, parents, and institutions to join this innovative movement in cybersecurity education. With CyGamBIT, we’re equipping the next generation for a safer digital future.

For detailed information about our session, visit here.

We look forward to this incredible opportunity to contribute to and learn from the vibrant community at the Teaching and Learning Conference 2024! 🚀📚💻

Meet the author(s)

Emily Rosenorn-Lanng

Emily Rosenorn-Lanng is a researcher and project manager at the National Centre for Cross Disciplinary Social Work (NCCDSW) at Bournemouth University. She has over 19 years of experience in conducting and managing various research projects in health and social care, local government, tourism and heritage sectors. She specialises in quantitative research methods, game-based learning, generative AI, cybersecurity, and accessibility. She is also pursuing a part-time PhD in game-based learning in Cyber Security education. She has published several research papers and reports on topics such as mental capacity, cyber fraud, child mortality, leadership development, and more. She has also participated in the InnovateUK cyberasap program, a pre-accelerator for cyber security start-ups.
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Dr Jane Henriksen Bulmer

Principal Academic
Jane is a Principal Academic in Computing and a member of the Bournemouth University Cyber Security Research group (BUCSR) and BU’s Computer Emergency and Response Team (BU-CERT). Her research focus is on privacy and security, exploring how privacy and security can be incorporated into organisational decision making by design and default. She has successfully completed her PhD on Incorporating Contextual Integrity into Privacy Decision Making: A Risk Based Approach, which developed a comprehensive privacy risk assessment framework to help organisations effectively assess privacy and make informed decisions about privacy risk before processing or sharing data.
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