Re-imagining Secure Care for Children

Stefan Kleipoedszus
20th July 2022
DateWednesday July 20th, 2022
Time10:30 – 15:30 BST
LocationLocation NCVO, 8 All Saints Street, London, N1 9RL

Calling all bright sparks.

In this Unsolved Problems Unsession you will be active participants and collaborators. We are gathering 60 of the brightest, sparkiest minds in the provision of secure homes for children and young people to debate the open questions in our field, and create new approaches to solving them. The outcome will be a list of real problems that affect our daily work as professionals. Come and help shed some light.


  • Conferences are too one-way, too passive. We want more action.
  • We want open, honest conversations about secure provision for children and young people.
  • Bring your most courageous, opinionated, candid self.
  • The stuff you’re scared to mention, or you’d only talk about over a beer? Bring that.
  • The minute you think you’re right, you’ve checked out of the conversation.
  • Listen with an open mind.
  • This is an experiment.
  • Failure is an option, it’s just the least desirable one.
  • Conversely, perfection is the least likely.
  • Whoever shows up are the right people.
  • What happens is the only thing that could have happened.
  • There is no finish line.
  • What we are doing is not definitive.
  • Move fast and break things.
Meet the author(s)

Stefan Kleipoedszus

Deputy Head of Department and Senior Lecturer
Stefan is a qualified social worker with more than 20 years of experience of working with children in different contexts, including safeguarding and disabilities. As a researcher, Stefan takes a great interest in children living in (secure) care, ways of improving protecting the welfare of children and the way social workers make difficult decisions under uncertainty.
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