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Using Poetry in the Form of Haiku to Enhance Critical Reflection

Dr Lou Oliver
Dr Orlanda Harvey
22nd September 2023
There are benefits
To using poetry to
develop insight

Two of our Social Work lecturers, Dr Orlanda Harvey and Dr Louise Oliver were invited to attend a Practice Learning Development Forum for Cornwall and Devon on the 13th September 2023.  They delivered an online seminar to social work practice educators and practice assessors about their research, focusing on the use of poetry in critical reflection. The seminar was well received and an engaging discussion ensued about the value of creativity in critical reflection.

We have also previously worked with students to develop their critically reflective practice by using haikus, with incredibly positive feedback. Overall, we advocate for taking the time to showcase research and creative tools for learning with practitioners.

If you would like to know more about this research, please go to the following link to watch a previous seminar held on this topic:

Meet the author(s)

Dr Lou Oliver

Senior lecture
Louise is a senior lecturer with the social work team, teaching on both the qualifying and post-qualifying programmes. Louise is a qualified social worker who has predominantly worked in children's and families within local authorities.
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Dr Orlanda Harvey

Senior lecturer in Social Work
Orlanda is a senior lecturer in the Social Work Team, specialising in Developing Professional Relationships and Leadership. She completed her doctoral research in 2020 exploring men's recreational use of Androgenic Anabolic Steroid Use. Her research interests include: Image and Performance Enhancing Substance Use, Domestic Violence and Abuse, leadership, and reflective practice.
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