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Dr Andy Pulman

Post Doctoral Researcher

I have been active in the field of qualitative research since starting my on my part-time PhD in 2008. Working across both technology and health and social care fields since then, I have accumulated a wide range of research skills concerning devising and implementing mobile technological innovations in healthcare. This includes projects involving helping young people with Type 1 Diabetes (my doctoral study which I successfully completed in 2016), a global Malnutrition eLearning initiative, Multiple Sclerosis fatigue management and health and well-being behavioural transformation in a Wessex based police force.

Alongside this work, I have also contributed to a variety of publications on technology, health and eLearning in addition to a 2009 pocket study skills book aimed at students – Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts & More.

More recently I have been focusing on researching around the possible impacts of COVID-19 on reablement officers, workers and client and client family well-being; health inequalities in breast cancer screening and health services across Wessex; and generating deeper insights into the challenges of building capacity to undertake social care research across the sector – a year long study funded by CRN Wessex.

I am currently working on a fifteen month NIHR funded project led by Professor Lee-Ann Fenge, working closely with two local authorities within the Wessex region, higher education students, advocates and service users. This project explores local recruitment and retention issues in adult social care from the perspective of these groups. I am also providing support to both LAs to apply for Research Champion funding to work alongside us on this project and become levers to promote research engagement and learning. The project is due to complete in January 2024.

Research and Recent Publications

Pulman, A. and Fenge, L.-A., 2023. Building Capacity for Social Care Research-Individual-Level and Organisational Barriers Facing Practitioners. British Journal of Social Work.

Pulman, A. and Fenge, L.A., 2023. Building capacity for social care research–ways of improving research skills for social workers. Social Work Education.

Pulman, A., Patterson, G., Newell, S. and Bond, S., 2022. Are health services working for everyone?. Wessex Cancer Alliance (Online): Wessex Voices. Available from:

Pulman, A. and Newell, S., 2021. A systematic review of people’s experiences of breast screening – A rich and diverse picture. Wessex Voices Publications (Online): Wessex Voices. Available from:

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