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Dr Jane Henriksen Bulmer

Principal Academic

I am a Principal Academic in Computing and a member of the Bournemouth University Cyber Security Research group (BUCSR) and BU’s Computer Emergency and Response Team (BU-CERT). My research focus is on privacy and security, exploring how privacy and security can be incorporated into organisational decision making by design and default. I have successfully completed my PhD on Incorporating Contextual Integrity into Privacy Decision Making: A Risk Based Approach, which developed a comprehensive privacy risk assessment framework to help organisations effectively assess privacy and make informed decisions about privacy risk before processing or sharing data. I have also conducted a systematic literature review on anonymisation and reidentification and have been involved in several European projects on privacy and security, such as ECHO, Ideal Cities, CE-IoT, and CyberSure. I have also organised and run staff training sessions and workshops around privacy and GDPR for charities in the local area.

  • Actionable Cyber Threat Intelligence (ACTI), running in conjunction with IEEE-CSR ESPRE (the Evolving Security and Privacy Requirements Engineering Conference)
  • SURE (Showcasing Undergraduate Research Excellence)
  • TeachBU Assessor (Reviewing & Assessing applications from Academic staff for HEA fellowship)

Research and Recent Publications
  • Henriksen-Bulmer, J.; Rosenorn-Lanng, E., Corbin-Clarke, C., Fenge., L-A., Ware, S., and Melacca. 2023. Gamification of Online Privacy for Young People. Interactive Learning Envi- ronments ..https://- .
  • Henriksen-Bulmer, J.; Yucel, C.; Faily, S.; Chalkias, I. Privacy Goals for the Data Lifecycle. Future Internet 2022, 14, 315.
  • Yucel, C. , Chalkias, I. , Mallis, D. , Cetinkaya, D. , Henriksen-Bulmer, J. and Cooper, A., 2021. Data Sanitisation and Redaction for Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing Platforms. In: 2021 IEEE CSR Workshop on Actionable Cyber Threat Intelligence (ACTI).
  • Pilton, C. , Faily, S. , Henriksen-Bulmer, J. , 2021.
    privacy – determining user privacy expectations on the web. Computers & Security Journal. 105 (June 2021), 1-36, available from: 04821000651
  • Henriksen-Bulmer, J., Faily,S., and Jeary, S., 2020.“DPIA in Context: Applying DPIA to Assess Privacy Risks of Cyber Physical Systems” in Future Internet, Special Issue: Future and Emerging topics in Security for Cyber-Physical Systems, 24 May 2020. Available from:
  • Henriksen-Bulmer, J., 2019. Incorporating Contextual Integrity into Privacy Decision Making: A Risk Based Approach [online]. Thesis (PhD). Bournemouth University. Available from:
  • Henriksen-Bulmer, J., Faily,S., and Jeary, S., 2019. Privacy Risk Assessment in Context: A Meta-model based on Contextual Integrity. Computing & Security Journal, 82 (January 2019), 270-283, available from:
  • Henriksen-Bulmer J., Faily S., Jeary S., 2019. Implementing GDPR in the Charity Sector: A Case Study. In: Kosta E., Pierson J., Slamanig D., Fischer-Hübner S., Krenn S. (eds) Privacy and Identity Management. Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency in the Age of Big Data. Privacy and Identity 2018. IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology, vol 547, pp 173 – 188, Springer, Cham.
  • Henriksen-Bulmer, J., Faily,S., and Jeary, S., 2018. DPIAs for Charities: a Charity Sector Specific DPIA Framework. In: Proceedings of the 13th International IFIP Summer School on Privacy and Identity Management, 2018
  • Henriksen-Bulmer, J. 2016. “A Framework for Public Bodies for Managing the Secure and Appropriate Release of Open Source Data,” In: British HCI 2016 Doctoral Consortium, 2016

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