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Jane Holroyd MBE

External Lecturer

Jane Holroyd has over 25 years’ experience working in senior leadership roles within the NHS both acute and primary care sectors. She has a proven track record in complex change management and service redesign.

Working for the Leadership Centre where she was responsible for Medical and Nurse Director Leadership programmes and associated links with Europe; Jane gained key expertise in leadership development. This expertise and extensive operational management experience led to the immediate successful development of a leadership programme, Improving Personal and Organisational Performance (IPOP), delivered at both degree and master’s level.


Extensive evaluation of this programme demonstrated statistically significant results in terms of participants’ increases in confidence, self-awareness, and communication capability (Keen et al 2013). Further scrutiny of participants’ assignments revealed deep transformative learning, significant changes in behaviour and practice verified through a third-party management testimonial process.

Jane is passionate about the development of leadership through the development of individuals with programmes that are based in the reality. To this end she has developed and delivered a Self-leadership: Building Personal Resilience and Relationships that work within Health and Social Care programme at master’s Level. Developed and delivered a Business Writing Skills and Innovation Course at degree and master’s level.

Jane is a trained executive coach and delivered coaching services for over 7 years for Macmillan Cancer Services. She completed her MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change at Henley Business School for which she was a prize winner.
Amongst many other qualifications she is trained in Personal Profiling Analysis, Emotional Intelligence and is a licensed trainer for Neuro-linguistic Programming (The Society of Neuro-linguistic Programming).

Jane is a published author the following text: ‘Improving Personal and Organisational Performance’; ‘Performance Coaching’; ‘Leadership and Management Development for Social Work and Social Care: Creating Leadership Pathways of Progression’; and ‘Self-Leadership: Building Personal Resilience and Relationships that work within Health and Social Care’.

Research and Recent Publications
Journal Articles
  • Holroyd, J., 2015. Implicit bias, awareness and imperfect cognitions. Consciousness and Cognition, 33, 511-523.
  • Keen, S., Brown, K., Holroyd, J. and Rosenorn-Lanng, E., 2014. Evaluating the impact of the IPOP (improving personal and organisational performance) programme: An introductory leadership and management development module for social work managers. Social Work and Social Sciences Review, 17 (1), 64-82.
  • Holroyd, J., 2009. Relational autonomy and paternalistic interventions. Res Publica, 15 (4), 321-336.
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  • Holroyd, J., 2003. The science of meditation and the state of hypnosis. Am J Clin Hypn, 46 (2), 109-128.
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  • Brown, K., Rosenorn-Lanng, E., Morrison, L. and Holroyd, J., 2013. Introduction to Leadership and Management – Improving Personal and Organisational Performance – IPOP Evaluation (Durham County Council). The National Centre for Post Qualifying Social Work. Available from:
  • Brown, K., Rosenorn-Lanng, E., Morrison, L. and Holroyd, J., 2012. Improving Personal and Organisational Performance Programme (IPOP) – Course Evaluation. The National Centre for Post Qualifying Social Work. Available from:

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